Working Weekend

Thursday I came home from work to find a HUGE box on our doorstep. SO excited when I saw what it was – a fire pit & grill from my mom & Phil for my birthday! Ah! So exciting. I spent Thursday & Friday evening demoing the fireplace we had. By Saturday morning I had our new fire pit & grill set up. I was planning on having a little fire on Saturday evening but the rain arrived in time to ruin my plan. I also had to put my deck painting plans on hold due to the never ending rain.

20130602-221906.jpg I spent Saturday working outside – planting grass (note the patches of hay in the pictures), flowers, seeds, mulching & a little woodworking & painting & some sewing. I found the little bistro set (pictured above) at Salvation Army, the whole set was $11 – all I had to do was recover the cushions, not bad! Oh ya, I also refinished the top of the little table & stained it with some stain we had in the garage.

Speaking of refinishing…when my mom was visiting last weekend (more to come on their visit) we went for a walk & saw this kitchen cart thing sitting on the side of the road. It looked like it had serious potential…so I made my mom go back with me to pick it up with a car. I’m so glad we did. I love how it came out, wish I took a before picture. I sanded & stained it. Just got it out there but my plan is to fill the pots with herbs.

I finally managed to fill the “window” boxes on the shed with some flowers. I also built & painted this little flower box. I need to finish the table & chairs for deck but once that is done, we’ll be in pretty good shape back there.


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