A Very Quick Trip to FL

20130530-125051.jpgHave I mentioned I’ve been busy? May was crazy. I’ve been trying to find time since January to go visit Grampy & Betty in Florida. Nothing was working since work has been so crazy busy. So I had to make a weekend trip work. The visit was short but I had a great time just hanging out with Grampy & Betty.

I arrived at their house at 1:30am on Saturday morning. After a few hours of sleep I got up & they took me out to breakfast & we hit up some yard & estate sales!
Saturday evening we went to Rum Bay for dinner which is always nice since you have to take the boat to get there. When we got back Betty & Grampy surprised me with a little birthday cake & ice cream. On Sunday we packed a picnic & went out on the boat for most of the day. It was a gorgeous day! I was out the door at 3:45am Monday morning to catch a flight to DC for a work trip.

Here’s a nice picture of Grampy (terrible shot of me…yikes) trying to be Joe Cool at Rum Bay.20130530-125101.jpg


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