A Day in Narita, Japan

From Malaysia we flew back Singapore & after a very long layover in Singapore we flew to Toyko.  We were scheduled to stay over in Singapore & fly to Toyko at like 9 in the morning.  We decided to change our flight so we would fly overnight from Singapore to Toyko; this gave us a day in Japan.  Because this was not part of our original plan I did not have appropriate clothes for our day out in Japan.  You have to remember that I packed strictly for the tropics.  So when we got to Japan, I had to buy put on all the clothes I had with me (in my carry-on which was jsut an outfit change) plus buy a thermal shirt in the airport.  Did I mention that it had just snowed about 6 inches there?  So ya, I was wearing capri pants with leggings undernear, a blazer, t-shirt, thermal, & canvas shoes.  No ideal for Narita, the winder wonderland. 20130128-201315.jpg20130128-201322.jpg

After finding a locker to store our backpakcs, etc. & getting otherwise situated, we took the underground to Narita.  It was a lovely little town, very close to the airport.  We spent the day walking around, checking out all the little shops & having lunch in one of the local restaurants.  Unlike all the other countries we visited on this trip, English was not spoken in Narita.  In fact we had a very hard time ordering lunch because of the language barrier.  We had these two older ladies sitting next to us that didn’t speak a work of english but were trying to help us order.  It was quite comical.20130128-202647.jpg


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