Patong Beach

The resort we were staying at offers a 3x daily minibus to Patong Beach, Phuket central I guess.  Before booking our trip we spoke to several people & read lots of reviews about where to stay in Phuket.  Patong was branded at the party hotspot (not what we were looking for).  The place definitely lived up to its reputation, a little seedy & a lot dirty.  Tons of bars.  Beach packed with lounge chairs.  We did enjoy the street markets, we always do.  They had all the typical knockoffs, as you can see in the pictures.  Fun to browse.20130128-200644.jpg

We took the morning bus & had planned on staying all day but after walking around for a bit & getting lunch we decided to take the 1pm but back to our resort.  Neither of us wanted to sit on a crowded, dirty beach when we could go back to Mai Khoa where there were only a handful of people on a very clean beach.  I’m happy we got to see Patong, even happier that we decided NOT to stay there. 20130128-200812.jpg


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