It’s funny how when on an action packed vacation I feel the need to write posts at least once, if not twice a day so I don’t forget anything. Since this trip (so far) has been all about relaxation I haven’t felt the need to post. With that being said here’s a bit on Singapore…

After 21 hours (13 hours from Chicago to Tokyo, 8 hours from Tokyo to Singapore) in planes we were pretty happy to have our feet down in Singapore. The 14 hour time difference was also taking a bit of a toll on us – we landed at 1:00am local time Saturday morning after having left Chicago at 12:30pm on Thursday. We left the airport in the pouring rain & it didn’t stop raining until we were heading to the airport on Sunday morning….which put a pit of a damper on our site-seeing but I’m not complaining; it’s the first time I can remember it raining on a vacation.

When we asked the concierge what he recommended we do in Singapore with all the rain he said, shopping or casino & oh ya, there’s this museum as well. As we most often try to do, we [Pete] figured out the underground system & made our way to the museum. Singapore is an exceptionally clean city. The “guard” wouldn’t let me enter the subway station with a coffee. Not complaining, I’ll take this any day over a filthy city. It was a bit of a walk from the station to the museum & since we forgot our umbrellas we got SOAKED. Luckily it was quite warm out but still, not a good look for either of us.

We spent a few hours in at the Asian Civilization Museum & learned about the history of Singapore. After the museum we went to Orchard Street, which is the primary shopping area in Malaysia. I wasn’t really feeling the shopping – it was pretty much the same as any mall in the US. We did grab some local food!


Then it was back to the hotel for a nap, as the jet lag was hitting hard. When we got back to the hotel we were surprised to see about 20 Lamborghinis & Ferraris outside for some wedding, pretty swanky.

After a lovely nap we went out to dinner with a friend of Pete’s (it’s nice to have friends all over the world), his wife & their little boy. They continued our education on Singapore. Some interesting facts: if you are Singaporean & are caught with drugs (over a certain amount) the punishment can be execution, for certain crimes committed they will “cane” you (it’s pretty serious, look it up). In recent years they have built casinos & in order to deter their own citizens from going they charge $100 Sing (for reference it’s almost 1:1 with USD) for entry if your Singaporean. Also if you have a gambling problem you can have yourself or your family can have you blacklisted from all the casinos. Other fun facts: because it creates such a mess, gum isn’t even sold in Singapore (LOVED how clean the city was), instead (well in addition to) of random bag searches at the airport, they perform random drug tests at the airport – fun!

Sunday morning we were up early & on our way to the airport!


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