Christmas Vacation Catch-Up

It’s been over a month since I last posted…completely unacceptable!!! So this is a Christmas vacation catch-up post.

It was a VERY busy but great trip home. We left for the east coast on December 21st, took a bump leaving Chicago & got to Boston early (1:00amish) on the 22nd. Saturday I had lunch with my Great Aunt Adreth & then FINALLY got to see Grant & Betsy’s new house & meet their puppy, Murphy. Of course I don’t have pictures of any of it. I adore the house & Murphy was cute too! Saturday evening Grant, Betsy, Gary, Eileen, Pete & I went out for a lovely dinner near Grant & Betsy’s house. Good food, great company! Sunday was a whirlwind of finishing Christmas shopping, wrapping/organizing presents & packing for Maine.

Monday (Christmas Eve) we were on the road early heading to Aunt Molly’s where we had a great time hanging out, opening presents & eating lots of good food (and met their new puppy – you can see him sitting with Wayne in one of the pictures). The photos I have are all candid shots; they all crack me up but my favorite is of Victor, Chelsea & Grampa facetiming with Rye & Tim – if only I had them turn the phone around so we could have got the Hungarians in the photo.20130110-203812.jpg

From Molly’s, we headed to Dad & Shanie’s for more hanging out, present opening & food (and met their new puppy – are you picking up a theme??)! I’m pretty sure Dad & Shanie were trying to see if they could make our bags overweight on the way home with ALL the great stuff they gave us (good news, everything made it home!!) It’s a lot of fun to see the kids opening & loving all their presents (of course, we loved ours too). Nevaeh got a Rapunzel doll & you would have thought she got a brick of gold – so cute! After the mania of present opening concluded I forced everyone into taking a family photo – not perfect but a great memory. Pete & I got to hang out with Dad & Shanie for a bit after Nate & Kristy took the kiddos home.20130110-203758.jpg20130110-203712.jpg

Christmas at Mom & Phil’s started in the early afternoon. Lots more presents (it is a miracle we got everything home) & time spent hanging out. Again, all my photos are candidate shots & not too many of them. The kids (I think it was their 4th Christmas) were overwhelmed by presents & very fun to watch. After presents (no family photo this year – Phil, what’s up with that??), we had a lovely meal Mom made & of course more hanging out.20130110-203750.jpg

Wednesday Pete headed back to Rhode Island before the snow was scheduled to hit Maine. I met Dad & Shanie at the Olive Garden for dinner (a special treat for me since Pete NEVER will go there). Thursday I had to work which worked out just fine since it was snowing ALL day. In the early afternoon Melissa & Fang came over & started preparing a feast for Phil’s birthday dinner. Fang made some authentic Chinese dishes (including hotpot). Nevaeh made the cake herself with very little help. When she first saw Phil in the morning, she ran into his den & said “Pepere, did you know today’s your birthday?” She was so excited & cute about it. Love the picture, even though it’s blurry, of her walking with Nick bringing in the cake.20130110-203737.jpg

Friday morning Mom & I took the kids to the Bangor children’s museum. It was a pretty simplistic museum but the kids had a blast.20130110-203725.jpg

Andrew & Fang swung by & Nevaeh had to showoff casually playing with this snake. After Nevaeh made Fang hold it & everything, Fang admitted that she really doesn’t like snakes. Friday night I went out to an early dinner with my friend Theresa. As always, we went to the Weathervane. After dinner was Andrew & Fang’s engagement party at Ann’s. I stole this one photo from Fang’s Facebook page.20130110-203703.jpg20130110-203652.jpg

Saturday morning we were up early & on our way to meet Pete & Gary in Sanford. Mom had to pick up her new sewing machine & Gary, Pete & I were going to head to their condo in North Conway & ski for a day. Again, I have no pictures but we had a nice relaxing Saturday afternoon at the condo (yes, I dragged them to the outlets for a little shopping) & a nice dinner out. Sunday we skied Bretton Woods. The skiing was quite nice all morning (about 2ish inches of powder had fallen the night before) but got icy in the afternoon. We were all pretty spent by early afternoon (first time skiing/powder can be exhausting).

Monday (New Year’s Eve) was another low key day. We spent some time with Meme & Papa & went to Wrentham to exchange a couple of things. Pete made us (Gary, Eileen, Pete & me) Chicken Pot Pie & we relaxed & played some cards. Sunday I was able to meet Britt, Allison & Michele for lunch before heading to the airport & back to Chicago. Like I said, busy but great trip home.


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