Continuing a Family Tradition

When my mom came to visit in October she brought with her a treasure for me…that is the SAME gingerbread house kit she has. So exciting!! I’ve been “making” (mostly decorating) gingerbread houses around Christmas for as long as I can remember. Throughout my childhood we’d go to my Crowe grandparent’s house to decorate our hearts out. We loved it! I mean what’s not to love – bowls of candy (and my grandmother got the best candy) & frosting, every kids’ dream.
The house pictured above puts the house I made this year to shame. First off, check out the board I’m working on. I must have won the fistfight with Nate for it because his is tiny in comparison. Looks like I have a pond & definitely at least one tree! Way to go 7 year old (Mom?) me. I’m guessing it was heavy? Don’t I look like I’m about to drop it on Nate’s head?

I wish this year’s house could compete…but it just can’t. I made the pieces (my very first time doing it) the Sunday after we got home from South Africa. I guess I must have been a little bit jet lagged or something because the windows seem to be cut quite crooked. Yikes.

Here’s to continuing a family tradition…regardless of the outcome. Next year’s challenge is to try to build a glass house like my grampy used to make.


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