Getting Home

It’s really nice to be able to report that we had a smooth trip home. Definitely long but flights were on time & there were no issues! The pictures below are of the airport in Hoedspruit. For security they just take a look in your bag, similar to when you go to a Paw Sox game. I don’t think you can see it in the pictures but there were warthogs running around on the runway.

From Hoedspruit we flew to Joburg. We had a pretty long layover in Joburg. From Joburg the flight to London is 12 hours, overnight. Luckily I was utterly exhausted & slept the majority of the flight. We had a quick layover in London – long enough to shower & grab breakfast but not long enough to get bored stiff. And then it was another 9 hours to Chicago. Our upgrades went through so the last leg was in business class. I slept a little but mostly watched movies & tried to organize my pictures & posts.

We landed in Chicago around 2:00pm (I think). We cabbed it to work to pickup our car & then by some miracle I was able to convince Pete to stop on the way home to get a Christmas tree. We tied it to the top of the Passat but I think we were too tired to think to get a picture. I wanted to have something to do when we got home so I wouldn’t think about how tired I was. I knew if sat down on the couch I’d be out & the jetlag would be really bad. I did pretty good. Pete on the other hand was sleeping odd hours all week trying to get straightened out.

Such an amazing trip. Feeling so incredibly grateful to have had these experiences!!


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