Cape Town Diary: Day 3 – Cape of Good Hope (18-Nov)

20121124-104234.jpgIt’s truly amazing to be standing on the most southern part of the African continent not only because of the history but the beauty of it is hard to match. The views are stunning. I keep thinking about just how lucky we are to have visited & how fortune we are to have the opportunity in general to travel.20121124-103755.jpg
We climbed the plateau that sits on the cape. Definitely not as intense as Table Mountain…but then again I was prepared for Table Mountain. For some reason I didn’t think I would need to be dressed for climbing when I dressed/packed for the day. Luckily I did bring some shoes other than my sandals. But needless to say a dress is not a good choice of attire when climbing a VERY windy plateau.20121124-103847.jpg
The view from the top was stunning. Really the pictures don’t even do it justice. Pete & I just stood up there in awe. It really was breathtaking. We looked very hard for the shipwrecks that you can supposedly still see but came up empty handed; it was kind of hazy though. As you can see in the pictures there was a herd of gopher like animals that lived at the top. It was quite funny when I asked Pete if we could walk over on other side from where we were & he said “I would but I’m really afraid you’ll accidentally jump off the edge if one of those critters surprises you”…hmmm very good point. Thanks for saving my life. I definitely would have been a goner if a gopher scared me. 20121124-103928.jpg
After spending some time on the cape, putting our feet in the water & continuing to marvel at the sheer beauty of it all (I’ve been taking videos throughout the trip & am going to attempt to make a video at some point) we made our way to the Cape Point Lighthouse. Another hike. The path was much friendlier though – we’ve have definitely got our exercise so far this trip! Again the views were priceless. I wish I could put into words how it felt to be there & see everything, smell the ocean. It was really incredible. 20121124-104031.jpg
We drove home in kind of an euphoric state. The day was really amazing. Our time in Cape Town was incredible. Again, words can’t express how grateful I’m feeling to get to experience all this!! 20121124-104115.jpg
When we got back to the hotel we realized that our flight out was at 7:00am…not 8 like we thought! We decided to grab a quick bite in the hotel then pack & go to bed.



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