Cape Town Diary: Day 3 – Winelands Part 2 (18-Nov)

From the first vineyard we just drove down the road & randomly choose the next place to stop. It was another absolutely gorgeous vineyard (maybe they all were?!) but much more fancy & modern than the first one. They had a huge dining area, spa & I think you could probably stay there. I tried a couple sips of two of their wines – both delicious.

The last vineyard we went to was a different feel from the other 2. The first two had a fee (less than a dollar per taste), the third didn’t. The building was awesome, kind of like a lodge – see the pictures with the huge fire place & high top tables & like the other two had stunning views. The tasting was free but instead of having your own server & table you joined the crowd at the bar & just asked for the wines you wanted to taste. It was much less personal & informative. They also grew olives on their property & had olive & olive oil tastings as well – Pete obviously love that.

20121123-183205.jpgPete & I kept saying to each other throughout the day just how happy we were that we rented a car & weren’t packed like sardines into a van or bus with tons of other tourists. With our own car we were able to go wherever we wanted at our own pace.

From the last vineyard we headed toward then down the eastern coast line. It reminded me of driving down Route 1 in Maine. Lots of small, cute beach towns & beaches. We stopped for lunch at the first place we passed that looked really busy – a general rule we follow when traveling, find the place that’s packed…most likely the food will be decent or at the very least not disgusting.

I thought it was interesting that along the coast line they have pools of sorts built into the coast line. The pools fill up with ocean water & I think are designed so people can still go swimming even though the water is rough? The waves along the coast are quite impressive so I imagine the riptide is strong & dangerous.


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