Cape Town Diary: Day 3 – Winelands Part 1 (18-Nov)

Sunday morning we got up early (good to get in the habit anyway as we’ll have to be super for the rest of our trip), ate breakfast & picked up the rental car. This was the first time in all of our travels (excluding trips in the US) that we’ve rented a car. Pete was only a little hesitant to give driving on the other side of the road a go. We opted out on the standard option – driving on the “wrong” side of the road was enough to think about without having to worry about shifting with your left hand.

Our original plan was to head to the Cape of Good Hope first but the car rental lady suggested that we go to the winelands first since she thought that any of the vineyards open on Sunday would close early. The drive from Cape Town to Stellenbosch was about an hour. We didn’t really have a plan as to which vineyards we wanted to go to…just play it be ear.

Well we got lucky, the first vineyard we arrived at was enchanting…a little piece of heaven on earth. We got there around 9 – apparently too early for wine tastings?! haha – so we had coffee & juice & checked the place out.

The vineyard was incredibly quant & cute. It’s situated right in front of a mountain & is just so lovely. The wine tasting room is built on an island in the middle of a pond of sorts, complete with birds & the biggest gold fish we’ve ever seen. It was so tranquil & relaxing. It made us both want to live there.

At 10 the wine tastings began & I got to try 5 of their wines – all of which were delicious, 3 of the 5 were made from grapes only grown at the vineyard (the others needed had grapes from neighboring vineyards or from other regions, apparently some grapes can only grow in certain climates).


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