Cape Town Diary: Day 2 – Part 2 (17-Nov)

We were a little exhausted after our massive morning hike (GG – Pete said it was 2x harder than Tuckerman’s but a different kind of climb than Huntington). We ate a late lunch at one of the hotel restaurants & then asked the concierge for recommendations on what we should do for the afternoon/evening. He pointed us to Camp’s Bay – about a 15 minute cab ride from hotel

We had every intention of showering then heading over but fell asleep for a little bit. We did make it over to Camp’s Bay for drinks & dinner & to check out the beach. Apparently they have just started to get into the swing of summer weather here. It was absolutely gorgeous the days we were here.

Camp’s Bay is a beach town. Lots of little restaurants & bars situated in front of the mountains on the beach – absolutely gorgeous. People were swimming & a few people were surfing but we didn’t make it in.

We had an awesome dinner at one of the restaurants overlooking the water & enjoyed watching the sunset. Such a beautiful spot. The cab that brought us there told us one of the bars had a great nightlife scene but we didn’t stick around late enough to find out. Back to the hotel & to bed for us.

Good news: we started taking our malaria meds & have had no visible side effects.


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