We Made It! Cape Town Diary: Day 1 (16-Nov)

We’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to even look at the pictures, let alone write a post. First & foremost, we’re super excited to have had our newest nephew arrive on early Friday morning!! We are so excited & can’t wait to meet you!!

We arrived in Cape Town on Friday afternoon, after spending 22 hours in three different planes. I have to say we got incredibly lucky with the flights though. We left Chicago on Wednesday evening – Tuesday evening our upgrades (Pete gets so many a year for being elite status with American Airlines) went through. Business Class to London was quite nice. We arrived in London on Thursday morning. We both were able to get several hours of sleep but your body is still a bit shocked being up & about at 1am.

Again, we’re lucky that Pete has status & we were able to shower & have breakfast at the arrivals lounge at Heathrow. My IRIS scan was apparently cancelled with my old passport, so I had to wait in the VERY long customs line when Pete just whipped right through. We took a little nap in the lounge then made our way across the city to a friend’s house, Gaille & Olivier. They had their second little girl in June & I was dying to meet her (Pete had lunch with them when he was in London on Sunday). Both their little girls are precious & we had a really nice time visiting & playing.

After that we had dinner at our very favorite restaurant in London, Hazev. It was right around the corner from our flat & I was super happy to get to go there. I have to admit, visiting the city made me miss it a bit. Back to the airport we went. We were there quite early but the jet lag was catching up with us & we just needed to relax – at my favorite lounge in the world. 🙂

When we checked in the guy told us the flight was looking pretty empty – great news. Even better news…we both had our own row for the entire flight. We both slept practically the entire flight. I think I slept 10 out of the 12 hours – so easy to do when you have 4 seats to yourself. Again SO LUCKY!!!

We a short layover in Joburg & then were off to Cape Town. The hotel was an easy drive from the airport & is super nice!! The second best continental breakfast I’ve ever seen at a hotel – hot food, cold foods, juice/smoothie bar, even sushi!!!

After we checked in & settled down for a couple minutes (including a quick call home for some help confirming our upgrades on the way home – thanks Phil & facetime) we headed to the Victoria & Albert Waterfront for dinner (pictured below). Hotel runs a shuttle to & from the waterfront every 1/2 hour which is super convenient. As you can probably imagine we were both pretty tired & after dinner we were ready to retire.


I’ll apologize now for my pictures, zero formatting, zero editing. I wanted to post some pictures & I figured sloppy is better than nothing. 🙂


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