Happy Halloween!

Halloween in the ‘burbs looks a little different than Halloween on the 6th floor of a highrise in London. We had 111 little (and not so little) trick-or-treaters (I realize I’m so Vick Jr. keeping a running tally of our visitors). They came in hoards so it didn’t seem like a lot to me. My favorite costumes were a little skunk & giraffe – very cute. So many of the kids were wearing coats; you couldn’t even seen their costumes.

Has facepaint been deemed harmful or something? I don’t remember seeing any kids with their face painted. We ALWAYS painted our faces…I think. 🙂


Yes, we got that kind of candy – all Pete’s favorites in one bag. He was very funny handing it out, saying to everyone “oh take a few more. If you don’t take it I’ll have to eat it all.”

And for fun here is a picture of Nate & I…I’m thinking about 22 or 23 years ago.



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