Mom, Phil & Nevaeh Visit! Sunday

Sunday morning we got up, got ready & went downtown to the Natural History Museum. It’s a pretty neat museum, my first time visiting. Nevaeh LOVED the ancient Egypt exhibit – especially the mummies and the tombs; it was hard to pull her away.


We headed home after spending a few hours at the museum & got back just in time for the Patriots game. Pete, Nevaeh & I carved pumpkins. Nevaeh helps cleaned out the inside & instructed me on how she wanted our pumpkin carved. Pete got a little crafty on us & carved “The Grays” into his pumpkin – pretty impressive Pete!

I told Nevaeh all weekend that we would have a fire & toast marshmallows but since it rained all weekend we weren’t able to make a fire in our new fire pit. When you promise a four year old marshmallows & a fire you better come through. So I pulled out some candles & skewers and toasted marshmallows in the kitchen. Not the outdoor fire we hoped for but we had fun & she was happy.

Monday morning the troops were off to the airport. We’re so happy that you guys were able to visit! Absolutely love spending time with all of you!!


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