Mom, Phil & Nevaeh Visit! Saturday

Saturday we woke up to the imminent threat of rain. It didn’t stop us from heading out to a church rummage sale & obviously was a great excuse to grab Starbucks when we were out. I did find a few things to hopefully finish up my mantel/fireplace area downstairs but nothing too great.

After a little shopping around we picked up Nevaeh & Pete & dropped them off at the Kohl’s Children’s Museum where they spent the afternoon (Phil was at a conference). Pete was extremely impressed with the place & they had a great time. Of course when I went to pick them up they had made their way to Ben & Jerry’s & were both kind enough to share a bite of their ice cream/sorbet with me. According to Nevaeh, she painted her own face with a little help from Pete.Love this picture of the two of them.

When we got home Nevaeh made a pumpkin pie; she let me help a little.

Again, mom cooked a lovely dinner & Sarah came up to the ‘burbs to join us. Nevaeh had some hysterical comments about Sarah coming to visit. We told her she was coming & Nevaeh said “she was only my friend when I was a baby, not anymore”. Then when I was putting Nevaeh to bed she insisted that she go “kiss her friend, what’s her name again, goodnight.” She is the queen of stall tactics but I have to say she goes to bed pretty well (around 7 the whole weekend). The girl is much like me in that she needs her sleep.

Good food & good company.


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