Friday @ the Zoo

Mom, Phil & Nevaeh got into town late Thursday afternoon. After the royal tour of our house, we went to the playground, relaxed, hung out, waited for Pete to come home & ate dinner. I managed to clog the sink & Phil & Pete had to tackle the job of unclogging it. Little did we know that it would be a two job that would include Pete taking apart & unclogging pipes under the house (which he did successfully, yay!!).

At bedtime I “built” Nevaeh a “nest” next to our bed with couch cushion which she loved & allowed her to sleep with numerous books, ponies (compliments of Uncle Pete when they went to the store to get a plunger) & bitty baby – the one good thing about it getting dark at 6:45/7 is that it’s much easier to say “well it’s dark, time for bed” to visiting four year olds.  **Nate texted me yesterday and told me that Nevaeh told him & Kristy that she got to sleep with me & Pete had to sleep on the floor…very funny!

Friday morning I had the treat of getting woken up by little arms hugging & cuddling me – such a great way to wake up. Mom, Nevaeh & I went to a couple yard sales & an estate sale – yard sale season is pretty much over around here.

That afternoon we (minus Pete, he was working) headed to the Brookfield Zoo & had a lovely afternoon touring the zoo. It was a beautiful day & the zoo was quite nice.

The three of us had a little photo shoot session in front of the pumpkin display at zoo.  Here are some of my favorites.

After the zoo we headed home, Nevaeh & Pete went to the playground & I helped Pete finish up putting the pipes back together in our crawl space.  I think I managed so squeeze in a little sewing too.  We were extremely spoiled all weekend by mom cooking dinner for us every night.


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