Before & After: Shed

It is a well-known fact that a coat of paint can transform a room…or a shed. And a transformation was exactly what this shed needed.


Last weekend I pulled out the paint supplies & got to work removing this eyesore from our backyard. During the painting process I realized that a new door was also in order (truth is I really didn’t want to put the filthy, beat-up door back on the freshly painted shed). So I built this door to kind of match the style of the shed. It’s made of tongue & grove boards (I talked the guy at Home Depot into giving me a 50% discount since the boards were broken on one end) & ended up costing me about $9. Over the course of last week & this week I was able to finish this project up.


I was looking at pictures of sheds & really liked the ones with windows. Of course, I wasn’t going to (don’t know how) install windows (plus the inside of the shed is still gross). Then I came across a shed or two with faux windows & that was the winning ticket. I really can’t decided if looks a little too…I don’t know old ladyish or if I like it. No question that it beats what it was but I’m not sure if I got a little carried away with the window boxes…

In other backyard news, we’re super impressed with how well the grass is coming in back there. I had to replant in a couple spots this weekend but overall it’s looking good. And..anyone notice that little fire pit on the right? Ya, we built that yesterday. I’ll post better pictures & the full story later this week


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