Friday Morning Break In

Ever start your day breaking into your own house? If not, I don’t really recommend it…

Friday morning I walked out of the house with my coffee in one hand & a bowl of oatmeal in the other, shut the locked house door & realized very quickly I couldn’t get into my car without the keys…and I couldn’t get into the house to get my car keys without the house key which is on the car key chain…you follow me? In short, I was locked out. I called Pete (he was in NYC) to see if by some miracle he had hidden a house key somewhere outside the house (we have several hidden (not sure if this can be used interchangeably with lost) in the house, lots of good that is doing us).

Me: Any change you hid a house key outside the house somewhere? I’ve managed to lock myself out.
Pete: No (unimpressed)
Me: Ok. I’m going to have to find a way to break in .
Pete: Call me back either way so I know you didn’t fall off something & break your neck.

After circling the house several times (hoping desperately for one of our ground level windows to be unlocked – no such luck) & evaluating what I had to work with, I came up with a strategy to break in. If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting our house, you know Pete built a staircase in the backyard; if not, picture a 4 step staircase that leads from the deck to the grass – lucky for me he removed it so I could plant grass in the back yard. I brought the staircase over to under the guest room windows and leaned it up against the house. From the top step I was able to use a garden tool to pop out the screen & push the window up enough to know it was unlocked & open it about 6 inches. Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach the inside window sill…

SO I had to bring over two cinder blocks (thankfully I had just dug a couple out of the back yard), position them in the upright, standing position & put the staircase on top of them & lean the staircase against the house. Safe? Absolutely not. Necessary? Absolutely. (It was running through my mind that I should ask a neighbor if they had a ladder.)

From the top of the staircase I was able to push the window up a little more & grab the inside window sill. All before the cinder blocks started to wobble & the staircase went out from underneath me. Yup. Just picture me hanging on the side of the house, over a pile of staircase & cinder blocks. I started frantically trying to use my feet to climb the house. My upper body strength is lacking so I knew my time was limited before I crashed down on the rubble beneath me. I was able to swing my leg up & into the window, giving myself enough leverage to pull the rest of my body up & in. I was winded but I was in.

I went back out to get my heels (yes, I was dressed for work & wearing heels) & laughed when I saw my frantic footprints on the side of the house.

Lesson learned. Hide-a-key is a must.



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