Backyard Progress

So I’m happy to report that we made SERIOUS progress in the backyard last week/weekend.

We called a landscaper to get a quote for the removal of all the vines & I thought it was extremely reasonable & worth paying – ripping up groundcover/vines is not really the most fun (they do our neighbors lawn, so they evaluated & quoted us a price based on scoping from the neighbor’s yard). They were supposed to come last Wednesday. I got home from work & nothing had been done. So I called & they assured me that someone had been there to “weed the flower beds”. I assured them that was not what I wanted done & even that hadn’t been done. They had someone there bright & early Thursday morning that I could show what I wanted to have done. Of course, when they saw how annoying the work was, they almost tripled the quote…so I ended up doing it myself which in hindsight wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated.

By Saturday mid-morning, I had ripped out all the vines & we were ready to rent a tiller. We smartened up this time & rented one that was drastically easier to handle & had the whole area tilled in a jiffy (not sure if Pete would agree that it was a jiffy but comparably speaking, it was like night & day). Then I raked it & raked it & raked some more, making sure I got as much of the crap out as possible. Put a little (14 bags) top soil down, raked again, then, to quote our other landscaper “seeded the $h!t out of it”. Covered it with straw & watered. And have been watering everyday since.


It’s a little depressing that the “then” pictures look better than the “now” pictures. That was also in the spring before the groundcover area became seriously overgrown. I think by next spring, we’ll be much happier with how things are looking. Next up…paint that eyesore of a shed.


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