Sunday in Rhode Island

Precious moment in the ER: Mom had said she was starving (we didn’t eat breakfast & it was past lunch time). A while (everything in the ER takes a while) later the nurse gave Nevaeh some graham crackers to eat with the Motrin they gave her. She was eating away then stopped and said “Grandmom, are you still starving?” Then she broke off a piece of her cracker & gave it to Mom – extremely cute. She gave me a piece too.20120923-204728.jpg

After spending the morning/afternoon in the ER, we all agreed that we needed some fresh air. Nevaeh fell asleep almost before we got out of the hospital parking garage, poor little girl was absolutely exhausted. Mom & I grabbed a quick late lunch at DD and sat in the parking lot at the Capron Park Zoo, letting Little Miss sleep for a bit. The Capron Park Zoo is a very small zoo in Attleboro, perfect for little kids. The weather was beautiful & we enjoyed walking around & finally playing in the water fixture area. Nevaeh & I both got a little wet.20120923-204735.jpg

When we were in the ER I promised Nevaeh we could get ice cream in the afternoon since she was being such a good girl, so we made our way to the ice cream stand by Pete’s house. On the way we notice this farm stand place was having a little event so we decided to stop and check it out. Nevaeh loved the maze they had & we had a nice little walk in their apple orchard. Then we got ice cream. And made our way back to Pete’s house. The boys got home from the Patriots game shortly after.


Monday morning we were back on a plane…back to Chicago…back to work. It was a very quick, busy & fun weekend! Doesn’t look like we’ll be going back to the east coast again until Christmas (well besides for work – Pete’s actually in NYC).


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