Logan & Hannah’s Wedding

Last Saturday we ventured to Maine to celebrate Logan & Hannah’s wedding. We managed to get out of Chicago a bit earlier then planned on Friday night, although it was on separate flights.

The wedding was gorgeous! Hannah’s parent live right on the ocean & as you can see in the photos, the scenery is incredibly beautiful. So was the bride. I’m so happy Logan found her.

The wedding, as my aunt Adreth put it, was a labor of love. All the wedding details were made by a family member or a friend. And the cake was to die for. It was blueberry & chocolate, and of course, I had to try each kind. Did I mention dinner was clams & lobster?! My first (and only) of the year. So delicious. It was great to see & spend time with my family. I’m so happy that we were able to make it to the wedding. Logan & I are just about 2 years and he got married almost 2 years to the day after us. So glad we could be a part of it.

The evening ended on a bit of sad note…Nevaeh & I were dancing which really consisted of me swinging her and I gave her a nursemaid elbow, essentially the tendon in elbow flipped over her bone. At the time I didn’t know what had happened or if she was really injured or just tired. We got in the car to head to RI and figured we’d wait and see how she was feeling to determine if we should stop at the hospital. She fell asleep almost immediately & we made it back to RI.

But she didn’t move all night in her sleep & when we woke up & Pete’s mom saw her she said we needed to bring her to the ER. And that is where we spent the morning/early afternoon on Sunday. VERY lucky for us, a nursemaid elbow is a very easy fix. The nurse fixed it less than 10 seconds & she was able to reach her arm up for a popsicle in a matter of minutes. Of course, I felt AWFUL. Note to those reading this that I haven’t already told: don’t swing and/or pick Nevaeh up by her arms. Now that she has had a nursemaid elbow she is susceptible to having it happen again.


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