Celebrating Two Years!

Monday Pete & I celebrated our two year anniversary. Since we had a very busy weekend & were both tired we stayed in for dinner at home, with plans to go out to celebrate this weekend.

It’s been a fabulously busy year for us…

We continued touring the world whenever possible, making trips to:
Bath, England
Cairo, Egypt
Goring, England
Istanbul, Turkey
Prague, Czech Republic
Rome, Italy

Work took us to:
Dublin, Ireland
Johannesburg, South Africa
Oslo, Norway

Our family & friends have been getting married left & right! We’ve been so lucky to be there to celebrate:
Grant & Betsy
Dave & Ellen
Andi & Kyle
Logan & Hannah (pictures to come!)

Oh ya…we also moved ½ across the world, bought a house & both started new jobs.

I’m feeling incredibly blessed to get to spend my life with you, Pete! Happy Anniversary! Love you!



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