Fall officially arrives a week from tomorrow. I can’t wait. I adore fall. My favorite season.
We’ve had a glimpse into what fall will look like in Illinois over the past couple of weeks. We’ve had some chilly mornings sprinkled in between the 90° days. It’s going to be gorgeous. Bring on the sweaters, boots & scarves – and I can’t go on without mentioning Pumpkin Spice Lattes – all the rage on Facebook, Instagram, & blogs.
Over the course of this week I’ve started decorating. Definitely have a long way to go (especially since we had NO fall decorations) but I’ve started. I obviously had to buy a bag of decoration pumpkins at the grocery store; my feet just wouldn’t move me past that display.  **Recognize the pictures?**

Here is a sneak peak of the mantel I built downstairs. With any luck all the projects going on down there will be wrapped up by the end of next weekend & I can post some updated pictures of the “complete” basement then. Looking back I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures of the basement since the home inspection photos. Well I guess you’re in for a treat.


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