Weekend Happenings

I’m sure everyone can agree that the weekends are never long enough. At our house they fly by. I wish I had a finished project to post. I don’t. We did do a lot of work this weekend, whether or not one can actually tell is a different story…

We are getting there with our backyard. Pete even said yesterday, “wow, this has the potential to look really nice”. I love when we hit this point in a project, that is when Pete goes from being a skeptic to a believer – it’s a magical moment for me. Luckily he had it this weekend because we’re far from done with the yard but at least now he’s on board with all the labor equity we’re putting into it. And I say we because although I thought (told him) this was my project & he didn’t have to help – I changed my tune on Saturday morning when I started tilling. The machine was HEAVY & not easy to handle – we tag teamed & managed to get about ½ the lawn done during our 2 hour rental. I don’t think our bodies could handle much more.

Sunday I racked, leveled, & seeded the area we finished. That one little sentence took a couple hours.  *Notice the evidence a little visitor left on our deck*We went to Home Depot to get lumber for the mantel I’m going to build in the basement & 2 trips later ended up at home with the stuff to build a dry bar in the basement. Funny how that happens. So I spent Sunday afternoon staining the cabinets & mantel pieces. You can see the garage is a bit of a disaster area.

We did find time on Saturday afternoon to head to the Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park. I didn’t buy anything but did get some great ideas which will probably be popping up on the blog sometime in the future.


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