DIY Wedding Gifts

I love personalized wedding gifts! Etsy is great place to buy such gifts…or if you are cheap like me to get inspiration from & make your own. I made the following for Andi & Kyle. This one is my favorite, inspired by Etsy & the name cards I helped make for the reception (love the Red Sox/Yankee theme).

This one has the lyrics to all songs, poems & readings that were performed during the wedding ceremony, also inspired by Etsy – same paper as I used for the invitations. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find a gift bag big enough to fit all these goods, so I made one – recognize the fabric?

I’m so disappointed in myself for not taking pictures of the other two gifts I made. They were upcycled gifts…I’ll do my best to explain. The first was my “card” which was actually a wooden box (from a yard sale) that I stained & polyed. I got a wooden letter K from JoAnn’s, painted it teal (one of the wedding colors) & glued it to the top of the box. On the inside, I spray painted the top part with chalkboard paint & wrote a little message. In the box was a bottle of red wine – how cute is this bottle for a wedding?

For the second unpictured gift I bought I frame at Salvation Army, painted the glass with chalkboard paint, & wrote the following with gold paint on the top: “Today I love you because:”. So they can write each other cute little notes. **Coincidentally Andi sent me a picture of this gift before I published this post.

Next up, I need to make a gift for Logan & Hannah…heading to Maine for their wedding on the 14th. Ideas/inspiration welcome.


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