Andi’s Wedding Weekend

Andi’s wedding went off without a hitch this past weekend! The bride was gorgeous & the weather was beautiful. I’m so impressed that Andi was able to pull off such a fabulous wedding in such a short amount of time (she moved her wedding from the end of April 2013 to August at the end of June). Everything was perfect! So many personal touches.

We flew into Boston early Friday morning & drove to Albany. There were a few things to help finish up when I got there & then it was off to the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner. The wedding took place at RPI Alumni House – really a nice building with beautiful landscaping. The rehearsal dinner, wedding reception & after party were at the Century House – I adored this place. The tavern there could have been a pub in London, loved it!

Saturday morning we started hair & makeup bright & early. Ladies looking fabulous!

The wedding ceremony was at 2, followed by pictures. Cocktail hour started back at The Century House at 4 & the reception at 5. Here are the some of the many, many pictures.

More to come!


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