Chicago Reunion

This story really started 8 years ago…I just didn’t know it at the time. The character that is me didn’t enter the story until the following year. You wouldn’t have known it though, they embraced & took me in like they had been waiting all along for me to arrive. Here we are…

Babson College couldn’t get enough of us…

But on occasion (spring break to be exact) we needed a sunshine & sand break sprinkled with a little dancing & a lot of sweating…

When there was no sunshine to be found we made our way back to the eighties. They sent us black real quick.

The latest chapter in our story took place right here. This past weekend the girls make the trek to Chicago. I couldn’t have been happier to get to spend the weekend with them. Friday night we packed some snacks & a lot of wine and went to Ravinia to listen the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. People take the orchestra VERY serious & our loud whispering & laughter was shhhhed on more than one occasion. I’m a little disappointed I don’t have any pictures of one of many old men walking around with “Quiet Please” signs. Pete picked us up & was dying to show everyone the local bar scene…I’m sure you guys were blown away.

We headed into the city on Saturday, met up with Sarah & went to North Beach to watch the air & water show. The flying was quite impressive…the crowd was not. Fortunately we didn’t get trampled & made it out in one piece.

We found ourselves heading to the Old Town Pour House for a little Babson reunion & some fried cheese curds & fried pickles.

On the way back to Sarah’s we picked up a little popcorn snack. Ever heard of Garrett’s? Definitely worth a stop, I recommend the cheese. We also hit up the bean, I have pictures to prove it.

We hung out at Sarah’s for a bit then made our way back to Old Town for a little birthday night out (Mikayla’s birthday is actually today – Happy Birthday Mik!!!). Dinner & drinks at Adobe followed by a show at The Second City. The show was very funny but I think we all realized our days of staying up until 2am are limited. Lucky for us Pete came into the city to join us for the show & drove us home. We were all out like a light in the car…poor Pete.

Sunday came too quick. We headed back into the city for brunch & Cirque Shanghai. And that was our weekend coming to an end. As it always does, it went by too fast. Can’t wait to do it again. So lucky to have these faces in my life. Words can’t express how grateful I am for these friendships.

Next time, let do a Bahamas reunion…I’ll bring the skirts.







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