House Tour: Tale of a Thrifted Guest Room

20120722-120454.jpgWelcome to our guest room! This room has slowly been coming together since we moved in. The bed & dresser represent half the future we brought from the east coast. As the title of this post implies, almost everything you see in this room was bought 2nd hand.



Dresser & bed: from Grant & painted black.
Nightstand: from Craig’s List & painted black (I overpaid for this, not much but nightstands are a dime a dozen at Goodwill & Salvation Army – patience is key).
Lamp & shade: from Salvation Army & our neighborhood yard sale, respectively.
Chair: from Goodwill.
White basket on dresser: from Salvation Army.
Frames above bed: Goodwill (I love square frame & was happy to find this set of 4 at Goodwill last week. Turns out they were brand new Martha Stewart frames, which I didn’t know until I got home & took them apart to paint).

Not thrifted? The bedding. The little jar with shells on the night stand. All my stuff on the dresser.

I need to replace the hardware on the dresser, other than that this room is ready for house guests!!


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