Busy Day

Today was the first weekend in a while that it hasn’t been 100. I decided to take the opportunity to work in the yard…it desperately needs the work. I literally worked out there all day & Pete came out to help once he was done his job related work, and you can hardly tell we did anything. Kind of depressing. I’m hoping by next summer we’ll have it under control back there it will be less of a jungle.


The big focus was on the pond area. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan but Pete loves it so today I tackled making it look half way decent. This required me digging things up, building a frame for the “pond” to go in, moving lots of rocks & getting VERY, VERY dirty. Thankfully Pete was helping me when it came to moving the rocks back. It’s filling up again right now, it appears we might have a leak which may or may not negate all the work I did today. Only tomorrow will tell…

**Better pictures to come

And for dinner we had locally grown rainbow swiss chard (I went to the farmer’s market this morning) chicken, & Israeli couscous. Delicious! Now Pete is going to bring me out for frozen yogurt!



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