Before & After: More Chairs!

This is an easy & impactful project. I would say start to finish, this took me at most an hour (spread over two days since I didn’t have the correct supplies on hand). Over half of that time was spent scrubbing the chair down (it was pretty grimy) & removing the old fabric from the seat – pulling out staples is oh so much fun. Then is just a matter of spray painting and recovering the seat, both are pretty painless. My neighbors from across the street came over when I was painting & asked me if I was a professional furniture restored. HA! No, definitely not but thanks for the compliment.

This may come as a shock…this fabric is not outdoor upholstery fabric, although it can be found on the same shelf. It’s regular, old upholstery fabric – still FABULOUS but not quite as rugged & resistant. I don’t anticipate these chairs getting as much wear & tear as the ones in the dining area. One chair has found a home in our spare bedroom. I tried taking pictures, so you could see the whole room, but it was too dark. Will do this weekend.


On a completely different note…the house we made an offer on in February (not even sure if I have mentioned it but long story short we made an offer on a house in February & were beat by a cash offer that was the same as our offer) is back on the market for $179k more than it sold for. We knew (or had strong suspicions) that they were flipping it. It does look like they did a nice job. I’m not so patiently waiting for an open house.


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