I’ve definitely been slacking on the posts lately & have several completed projects that haven’t made it here…yet.

So what have we been up to? Well if you haven’t heard it’s been hot here. For days & weeks, over 100°. It’s hard to get motivated to do anything in this heat BUT Pete & I have started running a little bit. I’m desperately out of shape. Easily in the worst shape of my adult life. But we’re getting out there & that is the first step.

From left to right, top to bottom: My garden is starting to produce!! I’ve got numerous cherry tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, 1 zucchini & had 3 (yes 3) big tomatoes eaten by the bunnies that live in our backyard. The little jerk picked one & brought it out to the front yard to feast on, not impressed. Pete is working on putting up a fence, so hopefully that will help. |We have been desperately trying to keep our new sod from dying. Yes, our backyard is a complete jungle – much work to come on it this fall & next spring. |Pete’s goldfish are alive, happy & growing! I think there are 15 or so in our little water feature (very small pond with a fountain). |We had a colleague of Pete’s over for dinner last week & I made trifle. It was delicious if I do say so myself. I also made pesto for the first time & made pesto pasta salad with cherry tomatoes and peas. Yum! Do you seriously over cook when you have people over? I made enough food for a small crowd & there was only the 3 of us. Good thing I like left overs. |A while ago (early June) Pete & I found these stools (5 of them) at Goodwill for $15, $3 each for anyone that struggles with math. The stools we had were too tall for the breakfast bar & you couldn’t sit there & eat comfortably, so I had been on the lookout for new stools. Pete actually spotted these. I painted them to match our dining room chairs & am still planning on making seat covers to match – maybe not the same fabric. I’m looking for projects specifically to use the fabulous outdoor upholstery fabric that is it Joann’s right now. I go in there & drool over it (ok, not literally) – it’s so fun. |I’m attempting to make a quilt as a christening gift – it’s testing my patience. |I organized my fabric, patterns, ribbon, binding & buttons. So much easier to work & see what you have in an organized environment.

Not pictured but coming soon: I painted the 3rd bedroom & bought & painted 2 bureaus to put in there.


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