Rate my Space: Reading Nook

I’m just pretending I’m on HGTV :). I continue to make progress…it continues to be a slow process…

I knew I wanted to make this space into a reading area; it needed to be a separate space from the living room. The main floor of our house is very open so I wasn’t positive how I was going to do this, that is create distinct areas within the open space. The chair kicked off the process. Once it was complete & in place I could visualize what else I wanted/needed in the space. I haven’t posted on it yet but I built the bookcase, sofa table & that little (kinda ghetto) side table to match the coffee table, TV stand & side table (also not posted yet). You may notice the sofa table is a little lighter in color than the rest of the wood furniture…lesson learned, mix your stain before use – duh.The map above the bookcase is actually a piece of fabric. I bought it at the China fabric market with the intent of framing it. After having our oil painting framed, I realized having a piece of fabric custom framed was not in the budget. So I went about framing it myself. I started by having Pete stretch the fabric as much as he could; while he was holding it in place I measure it. Then I bought 2 pieces of wood – I believe they were 1 inch by 2 inches by 8 feet long. Can’t exactly remember but know they were $0.77 each. Using the fabric measurements I built a frame with the wood (my miter saw is getting a lot of use). Once the frame was complete, I stretched the fabric onto the frame & stapled it in place. I hung it on the wall for a few days like that but just kept thinking something was missing…so I returned to Home Depot & found some chair rail in the 80% off bin & for about $2 I got enough to make a frame. Repeat the process of making the frame with the chair rail, paint black (I actually just used primer because I wanted a flat finish) and attached to already framed fabric & ta-da, you have a nice piece of wall art – all for about $5, including the fabric which if I remember correctly was about $1.
You can clearly see our bookcase still needs to be filled. I did buy two vintage looking globe bookends this weekend at a yard sale – not pictured – that are now on the bookcase. The stand & brushes on the top of the bookcase are calligraphy brushes we got in China. I still need a rug (actually several) for this space & obviously a few more things but those will come with time. For now, it’s becoming a very happy place & I’m already using it to sit & read & relax – whenever I have time for that.


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