Our First Visitors!!

Our first out-of-town guests arrived on Friday evening!  Pete picked them up from the O’Hare & as they were leaving, Air Force One was landing; I guess it was pretty cool.  After a tour of the house & yard, we relaxed & had dinner at home.  Saturday morning we were all up early.  I got started on my latest project & then went to a few yard sales when the guys were figuring out what they wanted to do for the day.  First things first, go swimming in Lake Michigan.  I opted out of the quick trip to the beach.  They found a very little cove/beach & were able to get a “full count” dip in the water.

We then spent the afternoon at the racetrack.  The racetrack is not the dive you are picturing.  It’s actually quite nice.  Grant won big the first race (thanks to Betsy’s call-in picks).  That was the first & last big win of the day.  After a few hours & loses, the heat was getting to us (it was 95).  We went home; some of us napped, some of us completed projects around the house, some of us watched golf.

We went out to a local Irish pub for dinner & then made our first appearance at “Harry’s” for an after dinner drink.  And we finished the night at home with a little high low jack.  Pete & I won…duh


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