Before & After: Chair & Ottoman

I found this chair at Salvation Army; it was $22 & a perfect project for my new sewing machine (in fact, so new it was still in the car when I stopped at Salvation Army).  I made quick work of the cushion cover.  Taking it off, ripping out the seams, & using the pieces as a pattern for the new cushion; I also recycled the zipper.  An hour later, I had a flashy “new” chair cushion (previously picture as a sneak peak).My original intent was to make a slipcover.  But pulling out one staple, led to pulling a few & then to pulling them all out – hundreds of them.  My curiosity got the best of me & I went from “I’ll make a slipcover” to “I just want to see how it looks under here” to “wow, this is interesting – remember that has to go back on first” to “hmmm…all the staples are out & the old fabric is ‘falling’ off” and finally, to “goodbye for good old fabric; hellooo beautiful new fabric – you make me happy”.

The ottoman came later…of course, I forgot to take a before picture.  It was similar to this but the fabric was hideous.  I finished the chair Friday night & went in search of the ottoman on Saturday.  I was lucky enough to find one at Salvation Army…I’m getting to know the people there by name.  Removing the fabric, doing a bit of sewing (I even recovered the chording) & lots of stapling took me about 1.5 hours, not terrible especially considering how much I’ve subsequently learned reupholstering can cost.

I love it.  This space will eventually be my “reading nook”.  I’m working on the bookcase now.  Like everything else, it’s coming together slowly. As for the pillow, I whipped that up last night – well just the cover.  A TON of pillows came with our sofa & loveseat in the basement so I just covered one of them with this lovely fabric that I got in China.  Great thing about a black & white chair is that most colors & prints will match.  Such a happy space.  Anyone still reading?  I know I’m rambling :).

5 thoughts on “Before & After: Chair & Ottoman

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