A Very Happy Birthday

Sunday was my 26th birthday.  Thanks a million to my wonderful family & friends for making it awesome; really the cards, texts, phone calls, drawings, videos made me feel very loved.  Great thing about having your birthday on May 27th is that you always have a long weekend.  What’d we get up to?  Lots of relaxing & lots of work.  Pete had planned to take me out to dinner on Saturday night, however we forgot it was game 7 & therefore rescheduled to Sunday night (Sunday was my birthday after all).  Saturday afternoon we hit up the local par-3/pitch & putt golf course.  It was just the speed I needed.

Saturday night Pete gave me a birthday card that revealed what my birthday present would be.  He had made an appointment for noon on Sunday for me to test drive my brand new….SEWING MACHINE!!  Yesterday we picked it up.  I’m beyond thrilled with the machine.  With the purchase comes unlimited “get to know your machine” classes & with 120+ stitches alone – I’m going to need them.  I can’t wait!!! 

Sunday night we went to Benihana for dinner.  We had a very nice time & the food was excellent.  We got lots done around the house too…more to come on that later.


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