Before & After: TV Stand

The last few weeks I’ve been scavenging – thrift stores (there are several pretty good stores within a 5 mile radius of our house), yard sales & Craig’s list. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a very fruitful effort but I haven’t found a tv stand that I like. It’s unfortunate I don’t love this look…this style seems to be a dime a dozen at Salvation Army/Goodwill. I do love this look…but not the price tag & they don’t seem to be readily donated. I was getting very tired of looking at the tv on the floor…something had to be done.

So what do you do when you are too cheap to buy the real thing (cheap is probably an overstatement here, I think many people would hesitate to buy a $1100 tv console)? Put on your creative hat, draw up some project plans, & build one. Perhaps it’s a little more complex than that. This project took me one week – that is I bought the lumber last Tuesday & it’s in the house today. I was desperately trying to start & finish it when Pete was in NY last week but rain & other building related setbacks prevented me from hitting that self-imposed deadline.


A few adjustments had to be made from my very original project plans. I knew almost immediately that I didn’t have the tools (OK mostly skills) to make a glass cabinet door. Also I dropped the idea of adding a shelf in the bottom section (didn’t think that there was enough space or that it was necessary) & scratched adding doors to the top part (I bought the board, hinges & knobs but when we brought it in the house to see how it looked Pete recommended leaving it open & using that space for the cable box & DVD player, if we ever get one).

I wish I had the patience to make the wood look a bit more weathered but after rounding all the edges with my sander & having the bag of screws I was beating it with explode all over the driveway & garage, I was done (I also sustained a fairly serious toe injury during the staining process which depleted me of some of my project patience).


Not sure about the baskets.  I kind of like the color contrast but not sure I like the style, although I could label the baskets Pete & Annie – kidding. 🙂

Next up?  I might take a stab at a coffee table.  Maybe a sofa table?


7 thoughts on “Before & After: TV Stand

  1. Building something for yourself from scratch is much more fun than rushing to the sore and buying one. The TV Stand you have made is awesome and it has inspired me to build one for myself too.

    • Thanks so much John! I have to say that I was a bit scared to start the tackle the project at first but am SO happy that I did. It’s nice to have things in your home that you actually made. Good luck with your project!

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