Before & After:Secretary Desk

I bought this little secretary desk thingy at Salvation Army. I envisioned it being a simple paint job. However, when I started sanding it, the sides cracked & it fell apart…literally. Great. I had to rebuild almost the whole thing. The top portion is pretty sturdy but the bottom was not built well. Very frustrating. It took me much longer than I had planned but I got it re-built & painted.

I can’t decide if I love it or not. It works for now in the space though. I think we’ll be even happier with it in the winter when we can put hats/mittens/gloves in the drawers. Anyway, it works.

We found the wall hangings above this piece in China. The wooden figurines are from Cairo(I believe). The framed postcard says “love you from any place in the world” & was sent to us as a part of a wedding gift from Sarah when she was living in Thailand.

Helpful tip of the day: if you smash your finger with a screw & it’s bleeding all over your project, tape it up with whatever is handy – painter’s tape pictured below.



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