Before & After: Buffet

I thought this hunk of junk (like that term Rachael) had potential when I saw it at Salvation Army.  Their furniture also happened to be 35% off.  I’ll take it.

I immediately got to work on it when I got home & forgot to take a proper before picture.  The piece was quite banged up & in need of some serious TLC. Pete & I stripped it.  Thankfully he was willing to help me with this because I thought my arm was going to fall off from all the sanding.  The photos of the drawers illustrates all the sanding that we had to do.  Once it was stripped I added a few coats of stain & then several coats of poly.  The knobs are new but the hinges are originals.  It’s a bit rustic looking.  I was inspired by this Pottery Barn buffet.  I really wanted to open this one up by taking out the two middle doors but there is a shelf inside that I didn’t have the tools to cut.  Maybe at some point…The oil painting we got in Rome is at the framer now & will hopefully be hanging over this by the end of next week.And just for fun, this is how I’ve looked working out in the driveway all week.  Sadly this is how I’ve met many of our neighbors.  I can only imagine what they think of me….



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