Dining Room Chairs

I didn’t realize when we bought our dining room table (and I use that term lightly because we technically don’t have a dining room) that it would be a bit difficult to find matching chairs. And by difficult I’m talking difficult to the tune of $200 a chair (well the cheapest “quality” chairs I saw were $89.99 plus tax – this excludes anything from IKEA). I’ve literally been to Goodwill & Salvation Army every day since I’ve been back from Florida, yard sales, Craig’s List, used furniture stores hunting for some chairs. No luck finding stand alone chairs…until Thursday. I found yet another charity store near our house.

I arrived as a truck full of furniture was being unloaded. I first saw a pair of these chairs come in & immediately asked the lady how much they were. Looked brand new. Hardly used at all. She said she needed to see if there was more to the set before she could tell me the price. Then I saw this set of chairs coming in as well.20120512-085335.jpg

Lots of potential &, hurray, no matching table! $25 per chair & $45 each for the armless chairs. I’ll take it all. I loaded up the RAV with 5 of the 6 dining chairs, dropped them off at home & came back for the rest. As I was loading the lady that seemingly was running the place came up to me looking distraught & started apologizing up a storm. I didn’t like where it was headed. Apparently the pick-up people had taken the Crate & Barrel chairs by mistake. They weren’t supposed to be donated. I looked them up when I got home and as you can see they are $900 chairs. Too good to be true.

Rest of the story & after pictures to come soon.  I need to get out to the yard sales.


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