Before & After: Dining Room Chairs

I got the chairs home & immediately got to work. I was in a serious hurry to get one done to show Pete when he got home. I was literally putting the cushion on when I heard his door slam. His reaction to the chairs was exactly what I thought it would be. He almost vomited when he saw the chairs in their original state. I was laughing because I knew he would absolutely hate them. But the story continues…

I brought him inside to see my “preview” chair. The paint job wasn’t done but he would get the idea of what they would look like. Well he was shocked. The quote, “wow, that is a total transformation.” A compliment in my book. We both love how they turned out…so without further ado…The chairs ended up costing about $35 each including the paint & fabric (not including the heavy-duty staple gun I had to buy to re-upholster the seats – it only cost $15 & I’ll definitely use it for other projects). I really didn’t want seats with cushions because I’m (still am) afraid they will get filthy but it will be relatively easy to change the fabric if something happens or I get sick of it.

The fabric is outdoor upholstery fabric from Joann’s. I found the colors & patterns of the outdoor furniture fabric to be way more appealing than the indoor upholstery fabric. I wanted something to make the chairs pop but also something Pete wouldn’t hate. I’m super happy to say that we both LOVE how the chairs came out. Our kitchen/eating area is coming together. I just finished the buffet a few minutes ago. I’ll post on that this week.

And this is what my feet looked like yesterday when I took off my flip-flops before I got in the shower.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m a bit of a messy painter.



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