Back from a wonderful trip to Florida.  Mom & Phil took their own little vacation for a couple days while Nevaeh & I stayed at Grampy’s.  I can’t believe she’ll be four next week & boy is she a ticket.  We had blast at the beach building & decorating sand turtles & mermaids.  Nevaeh LOVED when people walked by & commented on how fabulous her artwork was.  In fact, if people didn’t say anything she would look at me & ask “why they not looking at my turtle/mermaid”.  So cute.She surprised Grampy, Betty & I the last night we were there by catching several geckos.  We were hanging out by the pool after dinner & she was being a bit cranky so I suggested she go hunt lizards.  A few minutes later she came back with a lizard in her net.  I was very impressed.

She steals my heart every time I see her.  When we were driving to Grampy’s after they picked me up from the airport, she grabbed/hugged my arm & whispered”I love you & I’ve missed you so much.”  So cute.

She is swimming like a fish, although she is much more confident when she knows she can touch the bottom.  We did a lot of swimming in the ocean & pool.

A few videos…

Hunting & catching geckos..


So happy to have this little getaway…it’s been back to work on the house since I got home & we ARE making progress.

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