Bedroom Makeover & More

Slowly but surely we are making progress on the house. Our bedroom is almost done. I still need to put up window treatments, hang pictures, get a lamp for the nightstand & a few other things but most of the work is done. I eventually want to put up picture frame molding but I hit my budget for this room for the time being. Hopefully in six months or so I’ll get back to it. Before & after photos. I’ll post final pictures when everything is done.



As you can see, we painted & hung chair rail. I think it lightens the room up quite a bit. We had to refinish the top of my bureau, it got a bit roughed up on the journey to the mid-west. I also added a few shelves & a storage unit thingy to the closet in here. I think I mentioned this before but the
rooms & closets in the house aren’t huge. Pete’s stuff is in the closet in our room & my stuff is in one of the other closets in the spare rooms. 100 something clothes hangers later & we are completely unpacked, great feeling!!

We’ve also been busy trying to find furniture. Our living room couch & love seat were delivered on Wednesday, the downstairs carpet was replaced on Thursday, Pete found a TV for upstairs yesterday, I refinished a bureau for the guest room & we found a dining room table. The dining room table was by far the best find to date. We found it at Macy’s furniture store for $4.99. Two of the corners are a little banged up but I’m going to attempt to fix them next week. The table has two leaf inserts & expands to fit probably 8-12 people. I’m pretty happy with it for 5 bucks, it was originally priced over $500. We were shocked to find that it fit in the back of the Rav. Pete wasn’t into tying it to the roof. Hey, the guys helping us load said they saw a king size mattress fit in a Prius…I’ll post some pictures of the finished product.


Did I mention I’m taking two weeks off before I start my new job on May 14th? I’m on a plane now heading to my grampy’s house in Florida. I’ll be back on Thursday night & will then have a week to get the house in order before going back to work. Lots to do when I get home…including painting bed we got from Pete’s brother, refinish the cedar chest I found at a yard sale, setup guest room, plant my vegetable garden (bought tomatoes, red & yellow peppers, zucchini, squash, eggplant & strawberries so far) & lots of other yard work.

Oh ya, they also were in the process of taking down the playhouse when I left for the airport. That should be gone when I get home.


Last night we took a break from the house work & headed downtown to watch the Red Sox play the White Sox. It was chilly but we had fun!



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