Productive Weekend

Despite how things look in the pictures, we had a very productive weekend.  We closed at around 4:00pm on Friday, the locksmith arrived at 6 to change out all of our locks, & the UPack arrived around 6:30/7.  We had it unloaded in about an hour.  And then the unpacking & washing began.  The majority of our linens are new & ALL of our kitchen stuff is, so everything had to go through the washer/dryer/dishwasher.

Saturday we were up early & the prepping & painting began.  Over the course of the weekend we painted our bedroom & the downstairs, although neither is complete yet.  I’m hoping to finish up the bedroom tonight, since the rest of our bedroom furniture arrives tomorrow morning…I have a feeling we might not get there.  I’m going for this look in our bedroom.  I’m getting there.  Good news is that the miter saw I got for $11 at a yard sale is working fabulously.  Bad news, I already snapped one drill bit drilling holes for the finishing nails in the chair rail & setting nails is not the funnest thing you’ll ever do.  But I’m getting there.  Before & after pictures soon…hopefully.

The downstairs we are painting two-tone blue, indigo on bottom & a matching very light blue on top.  Also adding chair rail downstairs which we haven’t started yet.  Bedroom is taking priority so we can move in ASAP (right now we’re camping out in the 3rd bedroom).

Saturday we also found a TV for downstairs.  Pete got a great deal on a display TV & we found some dishes we both liked.  I exchanged/returned some things at Bed, Bath & Beyond & so SUPER impressed with the customer service/return policy there.  The majority (99.9%) of our wedding presents stayed in Rhode Island when we were living in London.  As I was unpacking I realized there were some things I was gifted that I no longer needed, like the steak knives I got (if you remember I got these ones), or that didn’t fit my kitchen – so I brought them back.  I figured out I needed to exchange & the lady handed me a slip with a store credit on it.  I asked if she could put it on a gift card because I was sure to lose a slip of paper.  She said she couldn’t but if I had one without a dollar amount she could put it on that…I didn’t.  Then the great news came out, she said I’m not supposed to tell you this but I can give you cash back for registry gifts.  What?!  I was told in Rhode Island when I returned a couple of things, that they had stopped doing that & only allowed .  Anyway, I was excited.

Sunday was more painting.  We had a very cute family come & look at the play house.  They are hoping to take it next weekend.  The little girl, who was almost two, played in the house when her dad measured it up.  She started crying when they were leaving & was waving & saying “bye house”.  It was very cute.  I’m happy that it’s going to a family that can use it immediately & often.  We also found a couch & love seat for the living room.  Our realtor dropped off a grill for us – she had bought a propane grill right before she got married & her husband is a charcoal griller, so it had hardly been used & she gave it to us.  It might not sound like much but we got a lot of things checked off the list.

Tonight the carpet guy is coming.  Tomorrow bedroom furniture is arriving.  Wednesday Comcast is coming to install cable/internet & the living room furniture is being delivered.


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