My first place

Ok so we didn’t make the cut on HGTV but we did find our first house!  It’s been a super exciting process, albeit a little stressful; there have been a few times when I thought we’d be camped out in the ‘wood for the summer.  After looking at numberous houses (I think we saw between 16-18 other houses), losing one house to a cash offer (they closed at the same price we offered but cash is boss) & having one offer flat-out rejected (we put in a lowball offer on an estate house that needed A LOT of work), we found our house!!

It was the 3rd house we saw on March 29th (I know I’m super delayed on the updates but I wanted to make sure we were in the clear before I posted anything).  We liked the previous two houses but they were at the very top of our budget & because they were “in town” the yards were teeny, tiny (yards in the neighborhoods we are looking are already small, that’s what happens when you are in commuting distance from the city; the further away you go, the more yard you get. We’re only about 1/2 hour from downtown Chicago, so ya, small yards.)  The third house (our house) listed on mls maybe one hour before we saw it.  I think we were the first ones in.  There wasn’t even a for sale sign up.

I walked in & immediately fell in love with the open floor plan, wall of windows (so much natural light!!), the kitchen & backyard.  I’ve heard (on HGTV) that you “just know” when you find the house.  I wasn’t expecting this at all; the other two houses we have made offers on you had to have vision to see what great houses they could be.  This house was already there and, as cliché as it sounds, I knew.  Pete?  Well, he liked it too.  He especially liked that we I wouldn’t have to demo any walls or lay hardwood floors (he made me promise him he wouldn’t be pressured into doing construction work if we bought a “fixer-upper”).  Not to say that there is no work to be done.  We do need to touch-up the walls & paint in almost every room.

The house is a tri-level house.  I don’t think that I had been in one before we started looking at houses.  Not sure if they just aren’t popular in New England or what but they are everywhere here!  You walk in & are on the main floor, turn right from the front door & there is a set of stairs going downstairs & going upstairs.  The rooms aren’t huge & neither is the upstairs bathroom, I’d go as far as to say the upstairs bathroom is small but the sizes of the rooms are equivilent to all the other houses we have seen.  The 4th bedroom downstairs is quite small & will most likely be used as an office/crafting space.

We left the house (with feelings of excitement & anxiety) and went straight to our realtor’s office to make an offer.  Friday the seller counter-offered & we counter-offered & finally they accepted!!  I do wonder what they were thinking…they sold their house in less than 24 hours. I’m realizing my pictures aren’t great but better than nothing.  Notice the vegetable garden in the backyard!!  Hopefully I have more luck this year than I did last year.  Also note the big window in the kitchen, perfect for herbs!  The family room downstairs will be transformed into a “man cave”, I can hardly type that without laughing (if you are wondering what the little table is setup downstairs, it’s the radon test).

My free time (long Easter weekend, thank you Europe for taking Easter seriously) has been spent looking at furniture & browsing & making lists at Home Depot.  Less two bedroom sets, we need a WHOLE house of furniture.  We are currently scheduled to close on April 25th, less than 2 weeks!!  Needless to say, we are so super excited!!  I’ll write more on the mortgage process later but will mention my husband is a superstar when it comes to getting all of our paperwork together & driving the the process.


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