Saturday in the City

Saturday afternoon we ventured into the city.  Pete watched a little March Madness when Sarah & I went to a “vintage” market.

Anyone watch Top Chef?  We went to iNG for dinner & had their Chef’s Week Tasting menu.

hawaii five-0 – sunchoke, pineapple, jalapeno, pork belly
baozi – bratwurst, caramelized onions, mustard
steak house – short rib, iceberg, blue cheese, bacon
red velvet cake – blood orange, walnut, graham

The food was fantastic.  As was the company (first time since high school Sarah & I have lived in the same part of the world).  Sarah asked if the chef was in, apparently he is famous in the foodie world.  He wasn’t but the manager was kind enough to send the chef from iNG’s sister restaurant over.  He’s from Top Chef I guess…I can’t remember his name.  Johnson & Wales graduate though, so we had a little connection. And lastly iNG’s famous dessert.  Creative presentation I believe it’s called.


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