Two Snakes & a Skunk

Very busy weekend in Maine.  Friday I finally got to see Nate’s new house.  My pictures are terrible but the house is cute – tons of space.  When you walk in the first thing you see is the no whining sign…completely appropriate. Friday night Nevaeh had swimming.  Here she is floating away.Saturday morning Mom, Nevaeh & I ran some errand and when we came home Phil warned us there was a sick skunk under the deck.  Very soon we saw the skunk ourselves.  It was very sick…he couldn’t even walk straight.  So Phil followed him across the neighbor’s lawn & caught him.  The funniest part was when we were watching him from inside and Nevaeh was saying “go Pepere, go Pepere, go Pepere”.  Once the skunk was caught, animal contral came & picked it up.Nate & I met Dad & Shanie for lunch & bowling.  Here is Dad’s very serious bowling face.

Saturday night we had a birthday party for Jess (was going to be for Nate & Spencer too but the poor little guy was sick).  Unfortunately no pictures.  Jess & Nevaeh found one of Phil’s snakes in Jess’s room.  Jess is calm, cool & collective about snakes being loose in her room.  Nevaeh on the other hand was so excited she couldn’t find the words to tell us.

We had another snake incident on Monday when we were packing in RI.  A little snake found its way into the basement & scared the crap out of me.  Pete saved the day & caught it.


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