Rome: Monday & Tuesday Diary

We arrived at the SuiteDreams (no joke) hotel in Rome late Monday afternoon.  We showered & headed out to see the Colosseum in the dark.  The pictures don’t really do the place justice, it’s HUGE & quite spectacular.  And when you imagine the movie gladiator taking place there, except in real life, it’s pretty crazy.  We went back for a tour on Tuesday…After seeing & snapping a few photos there we found a cute little restaurant to have dinner at.  I accidentally ordered myself an entire liter of wine – and no I didn’t drink it all.  On our way back to the SuiteDreams we stopped for a little gelato & sorbet – all the gelato shops had a fabulous selection of sorbet so Pete was more than happy to stop in at any time.

Tuesday morning we got up to sunny showers & decided to head to Vatican City.  First stop was the museum.  We spent probably an hour viewing the Sistine Chapel, unfortunately that was the only part of the museum you couldn’t take pictures in.  It was spectacular, really amazing.  You could probably spend hours upon hours in there looking at all the stories being depicted.  It’s very powerful.

The rest of the museum is quite amazing as well.  I’m sure you could spend an entire day in there & not see everything.  We were on the fast track but still enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Somehow we took a wrong turn when leaving the museum & instead of heading into Vatican City we circled it.  The.Entire.City.  Thankfully, we did find the entrance.  And we went into Saint Peter’s Basilica – another amazing & beautiful place.  I tried to take some videos this trip as I don’t think picture do the place justice…but I don’t know if the videos do either.

We had lunch at a very local restaurant – they didn’t have menus in english & hardly spoke english – we wong it & ended up with excellent food.  Back to the Colosseum for the tour.  Again the place was amazing.  Another video…

When we were done touring the Colosseum we went back to the hotel for a rest.  Days of walking around does a bit of a number on your feet & mine were starting to hurt.  A little rest & then out to dinner at another very cute local restaurant.  Again, fabulous authentic Italian food – luckily they spoke english .


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