Yet Another “Who does that?” Moment

Remember when this happen?  And this?  Well I had another incident today…well just moments ago.  Pete is still shaking his head at me.

We arrived at Heathrow a couple hours before our flight (luckily) & have been hanging out in the lounge.  I just asked Pete if he had my computer charger…

Pete: It’s in your bag.
Me: Oh, ok.  Where is my bag anyway?  [both look around…the bag is nowhere to be found.  hmm…]
Pete: Don’t tell me you left in on the conveyor belt at security. [giving me the eye]
Me: [blank stare] I don’t remember.
Me: I think so.
Pete: Ugh. Wait here. I’ll go find it.  I have my boarding pass, passport & phone.
Me: You think it will take that long & I’ll have to meet you at the gate?
Pete: I don’t know. I don’t know how long things like this take.  I’ve NEVER done it before.
Me: [sorry stare]

Pete returns about 10 minutes later with my bag & a look.  They had the bag at security all safe & sounds and had apparently been paging him.  Oh ya, did I mention this bag has his Exec Platinum tag on it & everyone (who we don’t know) knew it was HIS bag.

Babe, remember when you asked me early, “what would I do without you?”  Probably have a lot less anxiety!  And I wonder why you ask me dozens of time if I’ve x, y & z.  Really, what would I do without YOU?

And for fun, this is Pete (pre-incident) on our last HEX ride.


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