How to make a quick buck (pound, if you will)

Part of this whole moving process is getting rid of the few things in our flat that we own that won’t be making the trip to the US – mostly cheap furniture or electronics with British plugs.  A few weeks ago I took pictures of some of our “goods” & made “Moving Sale” signs to post in our building, specifically in the elevators where everyone was going to see them.  Pete was slightly humiliated by this but was a good sport.  I couldn’t imagine trashing things that there was a good chance someone would pay for…and I was right.  Within a few minutes (yes minutes) of posting the signs (and you only have a couple of hour window before the signs are pulled off by the concierge or someone in a bad mood) things started to move.  The first call was from our concierge & we thought for sure he was calling to let us know that we weren’t allowed to post signs but no, he wanted to buy bookcase & desk.  Another concierge bought our TV.

As I continued cleaning out the flat I found a few other things that I thought were worth selling.  Pete was actually more humiliated by my second sign (which I posted yesterday) because I was selling things like our DVDs, tennis rackets, air mattress.  His words “I think we should just trash this stuff.”  A few hours & £35 later he was whistling a different tune.

People love getting a bargain.  The lady that bought the air mattress was thrilled that her Olympic guests wouldn’t have to sleep on the hardwood floor.  We had some serious debates going on about the large wardrobe, unfortunately no one bought it last night…hopefully it goes today when the signs are reposted.  Anything left tomorrow morning gets trashed or donated to the British Red Cross; they are scheduled to arrive for a pickup in the morning.  One guy pointed out that we are lucky to live in a building like we do, otherwise it would be nearly impossible to sell our stuff.  I agree.  We were able to sell Pete’s bike on Craigslist & I’m hoping to sell my sewing machine on there too but those are definitely bigger ticket, more desireable items.


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